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Blogger: Heather Stimmler-Hall
Description: Created in 1999 by American-born travel journalist, author and private Paris guide Heather Stimmler-Hall, this website is home to the monthly Secrets of Paris newsletter, a weekly blog and calendar of interesting events happening around town, and a handy resource guide for Parisians of all nationalities.

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April 3rd
Thanks to everyone who has been following and commenting on these daily updates over the past 20 days. Your encouragement keeps me going even though there have definitely been days when I would have preferred to just curl up with a good book and ignore th… Continue Reading
April 1st
On this 19th day of the Coronavirus lockdown in Paris I thought it might be helpful to give you a list of some useful links, whether you want to make yourself useful by helping others, or simply entertain yourself while helping out by staying INSIDE. ;-)&… Continue Reading
April 1st
I’m not Mathematically-Challenged If you’re wondering why I’m on Day 18 and others mention 16 or 17, it’s because I started writing this on Sunday March 15th when the government announced the first closures as the country passed i… Continue Reading
March 31st
A sad Tuesday, with 499 deaths in the past 24-period, bringing the total to 3,523 in France. There are currently over 5,500 covid-19 victims in France on life support, as the French government scrambles to add more hospital beds to intensive care units.&… Continue Reading
March 30th
Breaking the Law, J’ai Honte After an almost warm Saturday then a windy Sunday, Paris is chilly again with the temperatures going down to freezing in the evenings this week. So I wasn’t looking for an excuse to go outside at all, except that … Continue Reading