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Blogger: Heather Stimmler-Hall
Description: Created in 1999 by American-born travel journalist, author and private Paris guide Heather Stimmler-Hall, this website is home to the monthly Secrets of Paris newsletter, a weekly blog and calendar of interesting events happening around town, and a handy resource guide for Parisians of all nationalities.

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October 3rd
So in this month's newsletter I (half) jokingly mentioned that in a future newsletter I would share my French cleaning product tips. But after getting over a dozen emails asking for me to spill the beans NOW, here's the shortlist of products I wish I'd kn… Continue Reading
September 30th
It's been awhile since my last update of the latest street art in the 13th arrondissement (I tend to post them more often on my Secrets of Paris Instagram), but there's always more being added! The 13th has an impressive number of street art murals f… Continue Reading
August 17th
Travel journalism. It’s a glamorous profession, you probably think. Expense accounts to eat in fancy restaurants, free stays in luxury hotels, endless offers to trek the globe — sounds good, right? Well, travel journalists don’t actuall… Continue Reading
June 21st
When there is a line in Paris, you know you’ve stumbled upon something new and trendy. Recently, we waited in a line at the Station F, a small business incubator and one of the newest hot spots in Paris. Housed in a former rail station in the 13th a… Continue Reading
June 11th
I’m not in London anymore. When I moved back to Paris after a year and a half in the UK, this became clear on many levels. The baguettes. The smoking. The cafés. It was all just as I had left it — almost.  One of the most striking … Continue Reading