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Description: Created in 1999 by American-born travel journalist, author and private Paris guide Heather Stimmler-Hall, this website is home to the monthly Secrets of Paris newsletter, a weekly blog and calendar of interesting events happening around town, and a handy resource guide for Parisians of all nationalities.

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March 1st
(This article is part 4 of 8 in The Paris Dream Trip) How to Get About Let’s review: at this point you’ve settled on when to travel and where to stay. That’s great. The next question is, how are you going to get from A to B (and th… Continue Reading
February 24th
Article by Secrets of Paris contributor Yvonne Shao It has recently come to our attention here at Secrets of Paris that some of our more buxom sisters feel slighted by the Paris bra industry. Lingerie stores are as ubiquitous as rats in the City of Lig… Continue Reading
February 12th
Article by Secrets of Paris contributor Yvonne Shao Whether you live in Paris or you’re just visiting, a free concert is a great, economical way to get to know the city better. Many churches in Paris offer free classical concerts on the weekends, i… Continue Reading
January 29th
Room at the Parister I’ve only ever lived in the 9th and 10th of Paris, but most of my tour clients never stayed in these areas. Moreover, the guidebooks I update all the time have very few worthwhile hotels to recommend in this area, a sort of no-m… Continue Reading
January 6th
(This article is part 3 of 8 in The Paris Dream Trip) Where to Stay OK, OK, so you’ve decided on a trip to Paris, and you’ve figured out what time of year you want to go. (Wait! Did you skip that step? Go back and check out the When… Continue Reading