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Blogger: Laurie Pike
Description: Since 2005 The Paris Blog has published the voices of Anglophone expats in Paris. With posts daily, the blog grew to become the #1 daily digest on Paris in English.

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December 19th
After 13 wonderful years of sharing observations and tips about expat life in Paris, The Paris Blog will cease publication at the end of 2018. When we started in 2005, blogging was a hot and relatively new publishing platform. There were fewer than a doze… Continue Reading
October 15th
It’s the feel-good event in Paris this fall: Jean Paul Gaultier Fashion Freak Show. The autobiographical live extravaganza is a labor of love by the bad boy of fashion, Jean Paul Gaultier. He took over four years to develop the show and is the creat… Continue Reading
October 12th
Since first moving to France in 1995, I’ve lived in approximately 14 different apartments and houses, and only one of them wasn’t a rental. So that’s a lot of moving and needing to make sure the place is spotless so I could get back my d… Continue Reading
October 10th
The Louvre needs no introduction, with nearly six million visitors each year. But did you know that it is possible to have lunch inside? Opened in September 2010, only a few steps from the apartments of Napoleon III, the Café Richelieu has a delici… Continue Reading
October 10th
Normally, a crime committed with a knife at a dinner table would involve blood and screams. Mine was different. The meal was almost over. We had waltzed through the appetizer and main course with a deceptive ease, pausing to refresh ourselves with a bit o… Continue Reading