Rome the Second Time

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Blogger: Dianne Bennett and William Graebner
Description: Where to eat, what to do and what to see when in Rome.

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February 6th
We're not immune to cute cat photos, having owned several cats in our lifetimes - all of them wonderful in their own ways (yes, Zelda, the last, you were the best). So we have shot a few cat pix in Rome, along with shooting Bill's graffiti and my daily ch… Continue Reading
January 30th
This amazing Brutalist construction in the seaside town of Fregene, outside Rome, is not to be missed. Architect Giuseppe Perugini - who worked with 20th-century Italian masters such as Adalberto Libera and was fascinated with early computer-gen… Continue Reading
January 23rd
On a drizzly day in late May last year, we took--with about 15 others--a guided tour of Monteverde Vecchio, in particular its fine collection of early-20th century villini (large houses), like the one above.  [The tour was by Tourismo Culturale Itali… Continue Reading
January 16th
English-language book stores (or bookshops, as the English call them) in Rome have dwindled over the years (along with map stores, to our chagrin) - I have an RIP at the end of this post for a couple of them.Marcello at the desk of Anglo-American Bookshop… Continue Reading
January 9th
Vigne Nuove--we started here - no "new vineyards" in sight. On a sunny day in mid-May, we got on the Honda Forza 300 and headed north to Vigne Nuove.  The name refers both to the quartiere/neighborhood of Vigne Nuove, and to one of Rome's larges… Continue Reading