Rome the Second Time

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Blogger: Dianne Bennett and William Graebner
Description: Where to eat, what to do and what to see when in Rome.

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April 1st
Waiting Out the Coronavirus in Ostiaby Marcello Massatani (3/27/2020; photos likely 3/7/2020 or before)This is the 4th in a series of accounts of living with the coronavirus in Rome and environs.  It takes the form of a letter/email to William and Di… Continue Reading
March 28th
Waiting out the Coronavirus in Portuense    by John Preissing  (3/27/2020)Peggy and I moved to the Portuense area of Rome in August 2019 upon our return to the city after an eight year sojourn to Latin America.  I work w… Continue Reading
March 23rd
Here at RST, we are reaching out to people living in Rome who are experiencing the impact of the coronavirus on the Eternal City and on their daily lives.  We saw this Facebook post by our friend Larry Litman less than 24 hours ago and thought our re… Continue Reading
March 20th
In these extraordinary times, it seems frivolous to continue to post about what to see and what to do in Rome. "Resto a casa" - I'm staying home - is THE hashtag these days (we know there are more...for a later post, perhaps).We at RST are pulling in our … Continue Reading
March 10th
There's a hard side to Rome, and a soft side.  The hard side is crazy traffic, failed mass transit, and a politics built on division and conflict, dating back to the Fascists and Partisans of the World War, the bitter and violent Anni di Piombo of th… Continue Reading