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November 30th
I never knew the minute I stepped off the train from Grosseto at Rome's Termini station in late June 2012 that six month's later I would be planning a move to the Eternal City. Continue Reading
February 16th
Do you think SEO is the essence for your blog or net business? – Think again. Below is a link to a fascinating short talk about the rise of Social Media and how it will affect our blogs and our internet businesses starting…. IMMEDIATELY. If y… Continue Reading
December 30th
And for the last news of the year, we have the final agreement on the tax rates starting on the 1st January, 2011. Continue Reading
December 25th
Merry Christmas! If you have any time at all to get lazy this season, you might enjoy reading these suggestions by our Twitter followers. We asked for it, and our Twitter followers sent us some of their excellent blogposts, articles, and photos to feature… Continue Reading
December 20th
Last week, the entire financial problems in Testaccio were solved in less than 10 minutes. There was widespread debt and no money in community, until the visit of an American Tourist. Here's what happened. Continue Reading