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Description: Bar Zine is dedicated to reviewing the best bars in Sydney and is completely independent, honest and unbiased.

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November 6th
The unthinkable happened: I had to stop drinking for health reasons. Well, not forever, but for a while.  This all started a year ago. The good news is it turned out I wasn’t an alcoholic, at least not by Australian standards – there… Continue Reading
August 30th
Perhaps this is something I ought to be telling a therapist, but I never wanted to be Luke Skywalker or Han Solo as a kid – I wanted to be one of the creepy freaks getting wasted at the Mos Eisley cantina while listening to that alien swing ban… Continue Reading
September 5th
Let’s be blunt: no one goes to Byron Bay for its bars. Yet while drinking here once meant necking a beer near a bikie or sculling a tinny on the beach, these days you have your pick of great bars to choose from. My top four are: Miss Margarita A mar… Continue Reading
April 30th
There are good drunks and mean drunks – and Henry Lawson, one of Australia’s most beloved authors, certainly seems to have been a nasty one. His own publisher, George Robertson, described him as having “a very nasty temper”; N… Continue Reading
January 22nd
One sentence review: the most beautifully written, moving and yet sweetly humorous collection of short stories I can remember reading. The longer yet still short review: I’ve recently read two collections of short stories by authors championed … Continue Reading