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January 10th
Scomo must go - Students for Climate Justice - Fund the Firies, Rally and March from Sydney Town Hall.  So many people, a great turn out. So many I missed seeing most of my friends that also attended; but I'm seeing their pictures too on Facebook whi… Continue Reading
December 3rd
On monday night I attended the Sigma FP camera launch at a beautiful-view-bar down at Circular Quay. From our third floor position, well it's a tough situation any time, will the view overpower your presentation? So hats off (well so windy earlier I didn'… Continue Reading
November 29th
A little over a week ago, Wednesday the 20th of November to be precise; I was a guest of the Australian Maritime Museum at the launch, the grand unveiling of their 2020 exhibition program - and it's a cracker! But first, on arrival guests joined small gro… Continue Reading
July 2nd
The titles are as lyrical at the paintings and the opening as bold as the colours. He Zige and his undeniably beautiful exhibition of paintings curated by Vivien Jiang has landed and launched at 541 Art Space Sydney in a Gala style opening. One could see … Continue Reading
June 27th
Loved this look I spotted last night going from one photography show at Disorder Gallery, on my way to ACP in Foley street. The three of us were caught at the lights which gave me the opportunity to make this shot - unfortunately I had the 'bright' galler… Continue Reading