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March 16th
One of the curious things about travel by train and, choosing a hotel just out of town; up a steep hillside with an impressive view - of the beautiful bays of Cinque Terre. Is you do manage to meet and converse with your fellow guests; chatting … Continue Reading
March 1st
Well thank goodness someone - many someones have been, for decades trying to and succeeding at, saving Australian wilderness areas. Not that its been a straight line of success, a graph pointing only up. Even today, I think many business people and politi… Continue Reading
February 24th
Darryn Lyons, at the launch of Private Time - his new book cataloguing his impressive 20th Century popular and celebrity culture photography collection. With dedicated photography galleries rare in Sydney it's great to have Darryn setting up shop in … Continue Reading
February 21st
Honestly if you walk into this show and wonder what it's all about; it's time for you to give up looking at art. Me; I was relieved to be looking at a show where no explanation, no tags, no room sheet is required. All this metal, moulded from the iron tak… Continue Reading
February 11th
You've been travelling for weeks, you are exhausted and arguing. It's a two day stopover and Saturday night in Singapore. Will you ever be in this city again; on a Saturday night, who really knows.. So what's to be done? Just for once I don't bother check… Continue Reading