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May 14th
It's now the last week of the 2019 Head On Photography Festival here in Sydney. Thanks to Head On and Fujifilm Australia I have been sponsored with the fabulous X100F to document openings and well; whatever from the festival catches my eye. I've seen quit… Continue Reading
May 11th
Thursday afternoon I rang my friend Rod and asked him if he would like to come along to an exhibition of pictures taken in the Middle East. Now Rod often seems-to-be flying around the world shooting historic Muslim Architecture with a large format fi… Continue Reading
May 3rd
It's OFFICIAL - HeadOn Photo Festival is off and running with the big launch tonight at UNSW Art & Design (COFA). Felt a bit like I was back in the B&W darkroom; which I actually miss quite frankly. Now was that a special nofd to analogue photogra… Continue Reading
April 30th
Thanks to Head On and Fujifilm Australia; for the next few weeks I will be running around with the X-100F camera with the fixed 23mm lens - I've long thought this would be the MAGIC Street Fashion Sydney set up.. And if tonight is anything to go by I thin… Continue Reading
March 16th
One of the curious things about travel by train and, choosing a hotel just out of town; up a steep hillside with an impressive view - of the beautiful bays of Cinque Terre. Is you do manage to meet and converse with your fellow guests; chatting … Continue Reading