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July 2nd
The titles are as lyrical at the paintings and the opening as bold as the colours. He Zige and his undeniably beautiful exhibition of paintings curated by Vivien Jiang has landed and launched at 541 Art Space Sydney in a Gala style opening. One could see … Continue Reading
June 27th
Loved this look I spotted last night going from one photography show at Disorder Gallery, on my way to ACP in Foley street. The three of us were caught at the lights which gave me the opportunity to make this shot - unfortunately I had the 'bright' galler… Continue Reading
June 1st
With a select group of local sports and fashion identities and the events own HUGE satellite dish parked out back - TISSOT hosted an exclusive LIVE-NBA Finals Party at the Sydney Overseas Passenger Terminal Cargo Hall, on a perfect sunny autumn day. … Continue Reading
May 14th
It's now the last week of the 2019 Head On Photography Festival here in Sydney. Thanks to Head On and Fujifilm Australia I have been sponsored with the fabulous X100F to document openings and well; whatever from the festival catches my eye. I've seen quit… Continue Reading
May 11th
Thursday afternoon I rang my friend Rod and asked him if he would like to come along to an exhibition of pictures taken in the Middle East. Now Rod often seems-to-be flying around the world shooting historic Muslim Architecture with a large format fi… Continue Reading