Adventures of a Foreign Salaryman in Tokyo

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Blogger: Mr. Salaryman
Description: In case anyone is wondering, I'm a 30-something foreign guy working at a consultant company in Tokyo. This blog will relate wonderous tales of my adventures in work and general life in Tokyo.

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September 25th
We did it again....This one will be our last one for sure (?!) but now Ms. Salaryman Jnr. 2 has joined the family.The first nine months of pregnancy is a general bee's nest of nervousness, but everything turned out well, apart from the men in the fam… Continue Reading
June 29th
Doing the right things or doing things right...One of the first things that you need to mentally prepare yourself for when starting to drive at the school is that you will need to adapt to the Japanese way of training. For the theoretical lessons this doe… Continue Reading
June 6th
(for the first part see here)The Theoretical TestWow, that's smart!To begin with, one thing that could be good to know from the beginning is that the Level I test is by far the hardest! The theory you learn in Level II I would estimate to be just ~20% or … Continue Reading
June 5th
Only if you got a license!Work and managing the offspring has taken a lot of energy away from my blogging again despite my intention to somewhat revive the blog. In any case, I will keep it going with low maintenance.This time I actually thought to post a… Continue Reading
March 25th
Dungeons and Dragons Alignments applied to our family:Mrs. Sunshine - Lawful Good"A Lawful Good character typically acts with compassion, and always with honor and a sense of duty"Mr. Salaryman - Neutral " A farmer whose primary overriding concern is to f… Continue Reading