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Description: On this site you'll find reviews and information about weird watering holes, and true stories of booze-induced bad-behaviour and mishaps that I've experienced first-hand, or been told by friends, here in the land of the rising beer glass.

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February 21st
There’s a new comic available called Spaboon by the writer of Little in Japan: I have just released a new comic called Spaboon, about the misadventures of a failed pharmaceutical company mascot. Spaboon is a half-spoon, half-baboon hybrid, so when h… Continue Reading
January 16th
Mondo Mascots is a new site for those obsessed with Japanese yuru chara, the giant mascots that trot around at street festivals and store openings. Worth checking out if you’re looking to name an unidentified yuruchara seen in your neighbourhood, or… Continue Reading
January 16th
In the latest Little in Japan Dave visits Roppongi. Roppongi used to be party central for ex-pats and tourists (and those who want to meet them) in the 80s and 90s, but now it’s a bit of a decaying dump. Continue Reading
July 15th
The Little in Japan book is now on sale! The book collects all the Little In Japan comic strips so far, with a few new pages thrown in. It’s available as a 100-page paperback, or as a Kindle book. “Big in Japan” – Despite the clich… Continue Reading
January 11th
The first Little in Japan of the new year is about the perils of falling asleep on Japanese trains (which I have done a number of times). It’s a bit of a weird one. Here’s an excerpt: You can read the full strip here. Continue Reading