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July 20th
Brooks’ World Tour Osaka (Piccadilly) Brooks is a huge DJ/producer from the Netherlands who is known for massive tracks with David Guetta and Martin Garrix. His current world tour brings him to Umeda’s Piccadilly club in Osaka on August 4. He … Continue Reading
July 18th
A-Z Post List on JapanAllOver.com: N-Z Navigate to the page you want using this handy alphabetical N-Z post list of the JapanAllOver.com blog. There are articles on Japanese temples and shrines, festivals, museums, stations, hotels and stores. Find Kyoto … Continue Reading
July 17th
Kagizen Sweets Sublime & Simple 鍵善良房 The history of wagashi, fine Japanese sweets, is inseparable from the history of white sugar, which first appeared in Japan in 1603 as a valued import from the West. For Japan, a country… Continue Reading
July 14th
Bon Restaurant in Tokyo 梵 Bon is a special dining experience in Tokyo. Guests are seated on low, wooden chairs in their own tatami room in a traditional Japanese setting. A hori-gotatsu room is also available. Fucha Ryori The multi-course menu is k… Continue Reading
July 9th
Japanese Paper Chochin Lanterns 提灯 The Japanese chochin lantern was an essential part of everyday Japanese life throughout Japan until the beginning of the 20th century, when electricity came into widespread, sudden use. In the beginning cho… Continue Reading