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Description: Join me as I eat my way through Tokyo's ramen world and write between bites. My name is Nate and this is the ramen I ate.

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June 22nd
If this is your first time to Ramenate, welcome! If you're a long time reader, welcome back! It's been a while since the blog has been updated, but some exciting ramen-related news has come down the pike. If you're one of the newcomers, you probably alrea… Continue Reading
December 23rd
I'm not generally a big one for the celebrity gossip here at Ramenate, but this followup to the last post about LCD Soundsystem@Ramen Jirô is too good to pass up. Apparently James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem wasn't at Ramen Jirô alone! A bit of … Continue Reading
December 20th
So I'll be along shortly with a full rundown of the rad RAMEN FEVER event of a few days back, but before that I had to pass along a cool little piece of ramen web miscellania that I received from my homie-4-lyfe Ryan over at Same Hat:From the Twitter of t… Continue Reading
December 14th
If you read my Big Update of a couple of posts back, you know that Ramenate has resituated himself in New York City, from whence posting will continue as usual. If you're lucky enough to live in the city so nice they named it twice, then you should defini… Continue Reading
November 30th
Some bowls you just know are gonna be great. At last winter's Odaiba Ramen Event , Keizo and I tried out bowls from shops near and far, and the hands down winner was Nidaime Tsujita Miso no Shô. This miso ramen nearly knocked our socks off. And tha… Continue Reading