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March 8th
A version of my essay on gastrodiplomacy and the power of food appeared in the March issue of Metro Minutes a couple of weeks ago. Thank you, dear Yuu Murakami, for the great Japanese translation.An unforgettable experience on the Faroe Islands, a land ac… Continue Reading
February 25th
It's nearly midnight in the Atacama Desert, and I'm shivering inside my jacket under the crush of stars dazzling above us. Black mountains loom in the distance -- impassive sentinels guarding this moment from the rest of the world. The sky is alive, the s… Continue Reading
February 21st
-->  My article on the talented Chilean chef Rodolfo Guzman and his restaurant, Borago, is on the cover of The Japan Times Weekend Scene. Chef Guzman will be coming to Tokyo to do a collaboration dinner event at the end of the month at Bulg… Continue Reading
February 17th
A tasting of sake styles based on historical recipes.--> Inside a classroom at the National Research Institute of Brewing, in Hiroshima, the discussion was lively and focused. A group of sake instructors from Europe, North America, and Asia stood aroun… Continue Reading
November 7th
Lovely, lovely Momiji from Kumpai Shuzo in ShizuokaToday in my Kanpai Culture column, I introduce father-and-son brewing team Seiji and Hidetoshi Ichikawa, of Kumpai Shuzo in Shizuoka. At this point in my sake life, I've seen a lot of breweries. Most… Continue Reading