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Blogger: Lee Chapman
Description: Notes from a small group of islands.

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February 19th
Tokyo’s train network is without a doubt a logistical marvel. Numerous trains, on numerous lines, run by numerous companies, that nonetheless all still shuttle countless millions of people around the metropolis with a hard won ease and efficiency th… Continue Reading
February 17th
Over the weekend, a request for some photographs included the one seen below — an image I have a real soft spot for, both in regards the end result, and the memories associated with it. There’s already a monochrome version on these pages &mdas… Continue Reading
February 14th
Old Tokyo rust and dirty looks from an old Tokyo resident. Continue Reading
February 12th
On February 11th, which is National Foundation Day, several groups from the far right pay their respects at Tokyo’s Yasukuni Shrine with a parade of sorts and an official Shinto service. By far the most significant gathering, at least in terms of nu… Continue Reading
February 10th
The intriguingly indecipherable expression of a young Tokyoite out shopping. Continue Reading