Washington, DC Blogs

Description: Power brokers, clad in power suits, meeting over power lunches--Washington, DC is a city of power. Power drives politics, and politics are Washington's raison d'etre. But fear not if you don't have top-secret security clearance: DC still has plenty to offer. The District's residents may complain about being taxed without representation, but they've got a pretty sweet deal: beautiful parks and monuments, the world's largest collection of museums with free admission, and a plethora of professional sports teams to cheer on (football, baseball, basketball, hockey, soccer, and lacrosse...wait, are we sure DC is a city of politics and not sports?). Whether you want to investigate real life James Bonds at the International Spy Museum or swap oratorical tips with Jon Favreau, the blogs below will have you on track to becoming a Beltway insider faster than Congress can pass health care reform.