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Description: Dining in DC is a blog about the DC Metropolitan area restaurant scene. The blog includes Dining reviews, Tips for diners, Food & Restaurant news and trends, Restaurant Events including festivals, openings, and closings, Chef Interviews — just about everything related to dining out in the DC area.

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September 10th
Chef Patrice Cleary of Purple Patch and Crystal HyunJung Rie of the DC Oral History Collaborative return to question what “authenticity” means in food, host Mary Kong-DeVito wants to get married at KFC in China, plus the time she alm… Continue Reading
August 20th
If Instagram is the “highlight reel” of our lives, can we live with what ends up on the cutting room floor? James Beard semi-finalist and owner of Buttercream Bakeshop Tiffany McIsaac, Eater DC Associate Editor Tierney Plumb, and Food Net… Continue Reading
August 6th
Can you relate to big bangs, grandma perms, and bad hijab days? How Yelp’s Tara Lewis, Immortal Beloved’s Lauren Clark, author Amjaad Al-Hussain, and Grow Hair Project’s Pamela Ferrell worked through bad hair decisions and learned to lov… Continue Reading
July 23rd
There are a variety of reasons why women choose abortion–and none of them are anyone else’s business. Join us for a emotional episode when restaurant veteran Sherette Williams joins host Mary Kong-DeVito as they open up about their own ab… Continue Reading
July 16th
We just discovered Basic Invite for designing our own high-quality cards on thick cardstock. We love the beautiful templates they have for quickly creating cheap holiday cards for parties, announcement, showers, merry Christmas cards, holiday cards for bu… Continue Reading