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Description: Dining in DC is a blog about the DC Metropolitan area restaurant scene. The blog includes Dining reviews, Tips for diners, Food & Restaurant news and trends, Restaurant Events including festivals, openings, and closings, Chef Interviews — just about everything related to dining out in the DC area.

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February 8th
This post is sponsored by BabbleBoxx.com on behalf of Tribe Hummus If you think about it, dessert hummus isn’t such an outrageous concept. If you’ve had a slice of navy bean pie, Chinese moon cakes, or Japanese daifukumochi, you’re … Continue Reading
January 31st
Want to turn your passion for cooking into a reality? According to the National Restaurant Association’s State of the Restaurant Industry report, the restaurant industry grew to $863 billion in 2019. That’s a lot of money in your poc… Continue Reading
January 1st
You haven’t had real fun until you’ve visited Nashville, Tennessee. Hotels.com asked me to share my favorite places to visit in the city dubbed “Nashvegas,” where the music plays all night long, biscuits are the size of your head, … Continue Reading
December 1st
What do you get when you drop a New York City girl in the middle of the great Yosemite Wilderness? Fear and confusion. And yet Hotels.com asked me to share my best tips for staying near Yosemite National Park. I can’t even survive Whole Foods runnin… Continue Reading
November 1st
Miami is my jam. I go every year at the beginning of summer for a quick, easy, and fun getaway. Hotels.com asked me to share my best tips to maximize your Miami trip, so read on if you’re looking for great food, art and culture and beautiful beaches… Continue Reading