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January 7th
Working Mom = Eating Around DC's evolution to Twitter.  Follow me at EatingAroundDC for the same juicy commentary, just in smaller bites! Continue Reading
May 24th
Yes, I know, I have not posted in far too long.  I underestimated how much pregnancy changes your palette, tastes, and ability to sit for longer than 45 minutes at any given time; B and I eat out less and my preference tends be for the casual, no fri… Continue Reading
March 15th
Clarendon's Bakeshop offers delicious treats, friendly service, and a laid-back, family vibe; in other words, it is about as far as you can get in taste and feel from DC's most hyped dessert destination.  The small, bright shop is … Continue Reading
February 24th
You may have noticed Eating Around DC has been in bit of winter hibernation.  Have I stopped enjoying the culinary offerings that this city has to offer?  Am I no longer traveling and looking for tasty food finds?  Well, yes... so… Continue Reading
January 16th
LeoNora Bakery dazzles with the founder's earnest and successful dedication to the fine art of French bread and pastry making.  The baguette is the closest to a traditional Parisian that B and I have found in DC--with LeoNora's opening, Patisserie Po… Continue Reading