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June 19th
August is not the best time to visit Paris. This I know, but with two students in the family, both with summer jobs and vastly differing school start dates, it was the only time for us to make the pilgrimage to Spain. I also find it hard to schlep all the… Continue Reading
May 24th
One of the many benefits to having our son in college at UC Santa Cruz, is we now have an excuse to explore the surrounding area. A Spring getaway to Monterey and Carmel was an opportunity to take in the natural, historical and seafood bounty of Californi… Continue Reading
November 21st
Urban street art is omnipresent in San Francisco, where I live. I love living surrounded by colorful creations. The Mission mural tours are a must see on a visit to the city by the Bay, but it was great to see so much public art in Paris. On a recent trip… Continue Reading
October 19th
I thought traveling to Paris — a city I know well and a language I speak fluently — would be easy compared to my trips to Bangkok and Guadalajara with my cousin’s twins. Surprisingly it was more challenging. The other two destinations we… Continue Reading
July 14th
College tours and visiting family and friends brought us to the East Coast in steamy summertime, a dose of the dog days of summer for my children of the fog. New York City was our first stop, to visit my mom and show the kids more of my childhood haunts. … Continue Reading