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February 18th
When the TWA Hotel opened in the old Eero Saarinen-designed TWA Flight Center at New York’s JFK airport last year, I knew that I wanted to go just like every other airline dork in the world. It took me long enough, but on my recent trip to New York… Continue Reading
February 15th
Inflight Movies: Does Anyone Really Want to Watch Them on a Phone? – The Wall Street Journal ($Subscription Required$)It’s the age-old question about inflight entertainment. Does a seatback screen matter or not? Barbara Peterson at the WSJ t… Continue Reading
February 14th
This week’s featured link Qatar Airways Statement On Air Italy – Qatar Airways Press ReleaseAir Italy is dead, and it’s not thanks to unnecessary US regulation. As I said less than a year ago in a post entitled “Don’t Was… Continue Reading
February 13th
Remember that whole thing about American stagnating? The message reached a deafening roar when Delta took LATAM away. It looks like someone over there got the message. This morning, American is announcing that it and Alaska are planning to renew the co… Continue Reading
February 11th
It seems like any time a failing, government-supported airline plans to restructure, it’s mostly lipstick on a pig. I think of airlines like Air India, Aerolineas Argentinas, and of course, my beloved Alitalia as perfect examples. Shuffle the deck… Continue Reading