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Description: Ben Mutzabaugh reports on all of the day's airline news.

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December 25th
Travelers who lose or forget AirPods on a plane often don't see them again because they are hard to find and not easily identifiable.         Continue Reading
November 27th
What says Thanksgiving more than pumpkin pie? Travelers arriving at Heathrow on U.S.-originating flights experienced a little taste of the holiday.         Continue Reading
November 27th
Thanksgiving travelers have been affected not only by busy airports, but winter weather across the United States.         Continue Reading
November 26th
Planning to pack cranberry sauce or wine to bring to Grandma's in your carry-on this Thanksgiving? Think again: Those aren't TSA-approved items.        Continue Reading
November 22nd
Traveling back to the USA from an international trip? Opt for a faster line at customs this holiday season by using the Mobile Passport app.         Continue Reading