Top 3 Theme Parks in Orlando

Jan 15, 2013

Many families escape the January blues by starting to plan their big summer holidays, and Orlando is at the top of the list for young and old this year. The destination offers a popular mix of action, adventure and relaxing, with the huge range of hotels and resorts dotted around catering to your every sun-soaked need. When it comes to excitement though Orlando really stands head and shoulder above the rest of the world, let me take you on a tour of the top 3 theme parks in the area, with something for every age and taste.

Magic Kingdom Park


Disneyland is the original and classic Orlando theme park, synonymous with magic and featuring the classic Disney film characters. This theme park is visited by thousands of people every day and has lots of entertainment for every age, from shows to rollercoasters and great places to eat. One of the best rollercoasters in the park is Space Mountain; whilst it was built a while ago, it is the original and arguably still the best, as it has bags of charm and character making every ride a fantastically fun family-friendly experience.

Disneyland has it all and it would be crazy to go to Orlando with visiting the Godfather of theme parks.




Animal Kingdom Park

Animal_Kingdom.jpgOne of the most popular Disney theme parks, the huge Animal Kingdom Park is dedicated to all things zoological. With a huge expanse of land dedicated to housing a large variety of creatures, Animal Kingdom is a must for all animal-lovers. There are also tonnes of rides and shows based upon your favourite animal Disney characters from films such as A Bugs Life, The Lion King, Finding Nemo and many others. One of my favourites is Mickey’s Jammin’ Jungle Parade, with Mickey, Minnie and the whole gang, including lots of dancing bright costumes and fantastic music. It’s bound to get you boogieing!






SeaWorld Orlando

seaworld.jpgThis theme park is famous for one of its largest residents, Shamu the killer whale. Spectacular shows held a couple of times every day, feature a number of killer whales jumping and diving in front of huge audiences, a breath-taking sight and one which is rarely seen outside of the wild. There is also a super cute dolphin nursery enclosure where new-born dolphin calves can be seen with their mothers learning all there is to know about being a dolphin!

Whilst SeaWorld is full of beautiful and amazing sea life, they also have a great selection of rollercoasters and rides for the younger ones. Kraken is the best rollercoaster at the park, but is certainly not for the faint-hearted, with massive initial drop it makes your stomach flip over and over! Manta is also another great coaster at SeaWorld which opened in 2009 and features an inverted loop and water jet spray; it’s a must-ride!

With all of the parks in relative close proximity it is always much easier and more convenient to have your own control over when you leave the parks. Having your own hire car from Alamo also gives you the freedom to decide exactly where you want to go. So make sure that you have more freedom on your next Orlando holiday and don’t forget to have lots of fun!


Guest Post Written by Phoebe Yates of Chic Travel.